Welcome to my Website!

Hello Pigeons! or whatever you are anyways This is my first website, so don't expect alot. Like you dad :P

Oh and before you browse my website listen to a nice song

Here's some important code or HTML I will need. bold and italic text.

Here's What I look like in real life!

I look fabulous do you agree??

Just some random code seeing if this works if you see it it works

I like coding

It's actually pretty fun!

The text is getting smaller

And smaller...
And smaller...

I love coding

have you ever wondered where I live?

This is one of the places I live

And the second place I live with me sitting inside.

Funny Jokes:

I went to the zoo the other day. It was empty, except for a single dog...


It was a Shih Tzu


What else am I going to put on this website?

I don't know.